Wet Bars

With May comes Cinco De Mayo, The Kentucky Derby (both on the same day this year) and the beginning of Summer festivities.

Cinco De Mayo’s signature drink is fresh Margaritas, while the Kentucky Derby’s signature drink is Mint Julep’s. It seems, along with the Whiskey trend, cocktails are more popular than ever before. Therefore, will we begin to see a resurgence of “wet bars” in our home?

Having spent some time over the last year looking at homes and condos to buy many of those built in the 70’s and 80’s contain a wet bar. I think they are becoming really cool again! Some of us grew up with wet bars in our home which our parents had many wild and crazy parties gathering around the “bar”. Many wet bars these days are hidden or disguised behind closed doors.

Whether it be in a piece of furniture such as an armoire or behind a sliding barn door. There are many ways to incorporate a wet bar in your home, it could serve as a coffee station by day and wet bar by night. It can definitely be a very fun and attractive space – accenting cabinets, incorporating mirrors and shelves, adding pattern with wall covering. You can experiment with your wet bar any way you want to. It’s not like a kitchen where you want to be careful with each and every decision made typically staying on the more conservative/classic side. Here, you can just go crazy and have fun and it will just look like a statement of your personality.

Cheers! Here’s to all of you and well wishes for a great Summer!