Trust Me for your Dream Home

I have now been working in Naples full time for approximately a year. I have had the pleasure of meeting many “snow birds” and people that live here year-round. I have heard a lot of stories about contractor nightmares!! Whether doing a big project, like we did, totally gutting and remodelling a condo or doing a few projects like replacing a front entry door, replacing the roof and painting the exterior you should always hire the best. By best I don’t mean the most expensive either.

I have been in this business for over 30 years and I guess I just have a “nose” for quality work men. I would never take on a huge task that requires many moving parts and several experts from the area by myself. It’s always good to have a general contractor who has worked in the field for years, and even better if he/she has been down here a while. Since transferring my business to Naples I have recommended several people in the field, and most of them I have used myself (always the best way to recommend). If you are trying to complete a total renovation and don’t plan on being down during the construction process, that is where I could come in handy.

I don’t play general contractor but I do keep an eye on things and know exactly when the work is getting done and when it isn’t, I also have worked with enough people down here that I can recommend someone for every aspect of the building process. Also, in my experience it always takes longer than you think (but shouldn’t take YEARS or even MONTHS longer) and it always costs more (but again shouldn’t be in the $10,000’s). Things happen to delay a job, people get sick, other jobs that they are on prior to yours take longer, etc. Costs rise usually because of changes made on the job or adding any “extras” that you didn’t think of before. It’s always good to do it right the first time around.

As the project evolves you will find something that needs to be done that you didn’t necessarily plan for, there are always a few surprises but with a good general you can keep those surprises to a minimum. All contractors have questions along the way and it’s always good to be on the site to answer these. A lot of people will fly in for the day to just get those questions answered, by the time they fly back home there are more questions to be answered. Not all contractors are good architects or designers, some have the eye but usually they are good at hiring/ firing and keeping the job moving….. the aesthetics are left to the homeowner.

I am completely confident that I can step in and help the homeowner’s visualization of their dream home come true, whether they are here or not. Trust me to be that person, I love what I do and you will not be disappointed in the end.