Staying True to Personal Style

There’s More to Style than What’s In or Out

Classic Style Eero Saarinen Tulip Table for Knoll
Classic Style Eero Saarinen Tulip Table for Knoll

I always wish I had a clear answer when a client asks, “Is this going to go out of style?” When designing interiors for clients I tend to stay “in the lines.” Although I can truly appreciate the work of designers such as Mark Hampton and Bunny Williams (gorgeous), my personal design vibe is more like Mark’s daughter Alexa or, even simpler, Barbara Barry.

Everyone has a style. Although most designers can work with a variety of different decorating styles, they all emulate a look. If something is going to go out of style, that’s like trying to predict the future. Which isn’t to say some things don’t stay fairly consistent—you can assume white cabinets, dark wood floors, and neutral upholstery will always have a style role to play. Then there are those classic pieces, too, that never go out of style. Right now the Eero Saarinen chairs and “tulip” table are HOT! For whatever reason, seeming to always steadily gain in popularity rather than going out of style.

How to Touch Up Interiors to Keep your Style Feeling Current

Pool House Living Room Interior Design Style
In this pool house living room I designed, I kept the primary colors neutral and added bright accent pillows. A room like this is easy to customize over and over.

There are a lot of little things you can do to keep the style of your home’s interiors feeling current, without having to do a major overhaul.

I personally love playing with color while keeping my furniture selections classic. Of course, upholstery gets worn out and you will eventually have to replace or recover, which can give you a great excuse to update a look without having to buy new furniture. Paint color is one easy way to play with a room’s look and feel. Always straightforward enough to repaint if you get tired of one color and another catches your eye! It can be fun to see what new color trends come around each year—sometimes I fall in love with one, and won’t be able to stop thinking about it until I find the right room for it.

I also choose artwork, pillows, and accessories that have a current look. These, too can be easy to replace or store away until you’re ready to bring them back out for a second look. I absolutely love to use color, and think it brightens a space. Plus, it makes me happy! I also try to keep my “things” to a minimum. I think by editing and simplifying you see everything better and appreciate the fewer things that you do have. 

There’s no reason to assume that, once designed, a room needs to stay that way forever. I enjoy having my interiors evolve over time. It’s a process! You can add things you love and take away things you grow tired of, like cleaning your closet. It brings freshness to a space. I feel you are never really done decorating! Do you agree?