Paint Colors An Important Yet Fun Doing

As an interior designer paint colors have to be one of the most difficult parts of our job.  If a client calls me “stressed out” about something on their project, 9 out of 10 times it’s the paint color(s).

To help combat this I have what I call my “tried and true” paint colors.  These are the paint colors I have seen up in my client’s home and they look great.  I don’t take other designer’s paint colors (colors that they have used and look great) because every one of us is different, we all have a slightly different take on what is gray, what is white, etc.

When a client calls after, say their great room, has been painted and they don’t like the color, “it’s blue not gray,” I might try to calm them before heading over and speaking to them about the process.  I ALWAYS recommend that they do at least a 4’ x 4’ square on the wall, this can be viewed at different times during the day.  The light is different in the morning, as it is in the afternoon, as it is at night.  To make this decision even more difficult no two paint colors look the same in two different homes.  For example, I just painted my master bedroom Benjamin Moore “Simply White”, this is a yellowish white and it glows (I believe it was their 2017 color of the year).  I recommended it to a client for her main area of the house and it clearly looks whiter in her home than in my master bedroom, still very beautiful but very white.

Again, it is a process, and you should not pass judgment on paint colors until the room is complete.  I always like my wall colorful, pure white is very boring to me, but painting your walls a color (even a slight color like Simply White) can do wonders with the entire palette of your home, it just ups the ante so to say, makes it feel more complete.

Paint color is a very important decision, one not to take lightly.  Hire a professional if you can or at least paint a large square on your wall and live with the color a week or so, it will hit you at certain times of the day as being “right” or being “wrong”.