A New Home, and Here We Go

Miracles Do Happen

Horizon House full view from beachA lot has happened since my last blog. We sold our home in St. Louis and made the BIG move to Naples. The day I arrived, I had my eye on a unit to check out, so I headed down on my morning walk. It was one of those “miracle” days that only come along a few times in your life.

The moment I arrived at the building, the homeowners’ association president was walking out. I introduced myself and told him the unit I was interested in. He knew, too, that it was a total redo, and immediately said, “Let me introduce you to someone.” He brought me down to a unit Russ Torrisi was working on. Russ is a seasoned contractor and owns Naples Custom Remodeling Inc. His work is quality and beautiful! Russ showed me that unit and another he had just completed in the building. It, too, was well done.

The next day our realtor showed us the unit that was for sale. I had already made up my mind: this was it. It didn’t take much convincing for my husband to realize it, too. The views are awesome, right on the beach. The rest is history, and here I am today, already having made most of my selections for my 1800-square-foot condo.

Beach view from Horizon House condo family room

Our Renovation Begins, Along with the Questions

I can’t wait to share the progress (and the setbacks; I’m sure there will be some along the way, but maybe not). The kitchen and office are designed, and I have been to the cabinet company, DKS in Naples. I stole some space from the kitchen for an office, after deciding I sit behind my computer more than I do at my kitchen sink, so I needed a place to be with my computer.

Since it’s only a 2-bedroom and Andy is using the guest bedroom as his office, I had nowhere to go. Russ did not want to do a kitchen desk—I get it, that style is obsolete. I convinced him to take a slice (about 5 feet wide and 9 feet long) out of my kitchen for an office / mudroom / all-purpose room.

Decisions, Decisions

The kitchen is going to be pretty practical, with a 6-foot island and every appliance I need. Which brings me to my first big dilemma! After visiting Monark Premium Appliance Co and working with Alexa, I and am in a quandary about my range. I would love to do one of the new white ranges, but are they going to look so 2018? It is so hard to make your own decisions!

Alexa loves the look, but the range is HOT off the press and they don’t have one on their floor yet to show me. Russ says the whites won’t match (yes, but if it’s only the range….). I am torn! I think I am going to play it safe and go with stainless induction. Induction is popular these days, and gas and electric are taking back burners (no pun intended!).

I met my second dilemma at the flooring store. I love the wood-look tile, but have similar concerns that it will look dated in a few years. Again, playing it safe, I chose 12” x 61” planks that are solid whitish and will look awesome. Doors (pure quality!), millwork, and hardware are from Smith & De Shields, Inc.

Another question: what finish to do on my hardware. A lot of designers these days are mixing their metals and I love the look; it leaves you with options down the road. But, once again, I am going to play it safe and do all polished nickel. It seems to be the theme in Florida and looks to have been for quite some time (at least 4 years now). When in Rome, or, as the case may be, Naples…. I don’t expect this to be our forever condo (famous last words?) so I am keeping resale in mind.

Thanks for listening to me rant—can’t wait to share the progress!