My Purging Continues

I am on a roll!

I have completely emptied my adult children’s closets and have moved to my own. Although, I do this exercise of completely emptying my closet twice a year and “thoughtfully” putting everything back which creates three piles 1.) keep 2.) give away and 3.) consign. I’ve realized I still have too much and I don’t give away enough.

I am currently taking a closet course with my “closet lady”, Dacy, who owns Mindful Closet, and it’s been a very eye- opening experience. For example, some of the students in the class only own 20 pieces of clothing! I can easily say, I’m not in that group. It is a thing right now to own a capsule wardrobe, which I knew from the beginning is not me.  What I would like to achieve is a wardrobe of only items I LOVE and wear. It will be a process, and with some help I hope to get there. The realization of everything I have consumed and brought into this home these last eighteen years!

My final goal is to not rent a storage unit when we downsize, my fear is that this storage unit will hold items I don’t need and then end up paying years of storage for nothing I want, and, obviously it’s nothing I need.

I am also reading Marie Kondo’s book called “the life- changing magic of tidying up”, she has some good rules and suggestions for living with less. Another inspirational article I found was by Ann Patchett in the New York Times, “My Year of no Shopping”.

We really do have too much, but with the help of these tools and friends I can hopefully get to this place where I am only surrounded by things I need and enjoy.