Moving to a Smaller Space

Naples, here we come! Or, how an interior designer tackles a cross-country move.

We recently took the plunge and moved full-time from St. Louis to Naples, FL. We knew we’d be downsizing and simplifying our lives a little bit with the move. Like so many, we had collected a lot of stuff, and looked forward to paring down. Despite starting with a moving list a mile long, I have to say I truly enjoyed every step. Dacy Gillespie, the ‘”closet lady” and owner of Mindful Closet, was a huge help to me as a first step. I would recommend getting started this way—she was an inspiration for buying and needing less. I was able to purge and most likely will still need to Denise Fogarty Interiors estate salepurge when we move into our condo. After getting three bids for my moving carrier, I selected one who would also help with storing our things while we house-hunted.

My philosophy is, you never live the same way twice! I am bringing more than enough furniture but have already decided to put furniture in different places than where it was placed in my previous home. For example, I got rid of my dining room chairs but kept my dining room table, and then got rid of my kitchen table but kept my kitchen chairs. I will need to use local resale shops for a few items here in Naples and did use Second Sitting in St. Louis prior to moving. I also prepared for an estate sale. Again, I hired the best— Joan & David Estate Sales. If your goal is to rid yourself of everything that you don’t need or want, I would highly recommend them.

I’m feeling prepared for my next step, but also looking forward to the process. It is a process!!!