Mid Century Style

I remember as a young child my parents rented a Mid century modern furnished apartment that was so 60’s. Their living room was very clean lined and so cool looking.

Fast forward and here we go again. It’s funny after being in the business now for more than 30 years (YIKES!) it is so true what comes around goes around. 60’s and 70’s home decor is now the latest and greatest but it always comes back with a twist of new.

I read the latest trend now in kitchen decor is “colored” appliances. Remember that avocado green? I have to say this trend scares me. Short of going white, I’m not sure I would venture to try the cobalt blue range or the turquoise ovens. It’s very retro and almost vintage looking. I like seeing it in photos, but how will I feel about it 10 years from now?

I am one to stick with more classic home interiors. Not to say I don’t enjoy looking at the photos and enjoy seeing what the designers have created. Just because you like looking at it does not mean you have to own it. It’s fun to try new things, but when it comes to interiors you usually have to live with it for quite some time and you want to be sure, at least with the big stuff, you have something that is going to last.