Inspiration comes from anything, you just need to catch it

Inspiration for designing can be derived from many things. I love traveling and typically takes a lot of pictures. Not the first time but when reviewing my photos, I usually pick up some sort of color combination or object that catches my eye. This apparently becomes the inspiration for my next project.

You can get inspiration in lots of different ways. Driving down the road today I was stopped at a light and looked over to my right to see these beautiful rich grass green palm trees against the beautifully clear bright blue sky, that looked just like a fabric I was using.

I like studying beautifully landscaped areas, as well as, designer showhouses. Once again, I will take lots of pictures and even try to duplicate the feel, color and balance that I see among the spaces.

Inspiration can also come from something as small as a pillow or a small piece of art. It’s always good to have something to start with so that everything can roll from there and you will stay in the same “feel” and color scheme throughout the interior of your home.

In my own home I used a pink rug I had purchased from ABC Carpet & Home, I loved it and wanted to use it in my space. It ended up in my master bedroom and I worked some soft greens in so that it isn’t too feminine. In my great room and dining room I found a beautiful palm fabric in all the blues I LOVE, this became my “statement” for the area and I incorporated it on to a pillow and two ottomans.

Again, inspiration can come from anything…just follow your instinct and start with what inspires you, it will lead you down the right path to a beautiful end result.