I am Working From Home

Well, hopefully we are reaching the peak of this CRAZY time. I heard something on the TODAY SHOW this morning that for most of us, this is an inconvenience. Eating ground turkey for the 4th day in a row is an inconvenience, digging through the trash cans for a bite to eat is a problem. Home schooling your 4 children for two months is an inconvenience, waking up to a child with fever that can’t breathe is a problem. He really helped put it into perspective, hopefully this time is just one big inconvenience for you too as it is for me.

Now, for another inconvenience, working from home and the home office. Thank goodness when we “rehabbed” our condo we made space for a small “business center”. This is what I like to call it because it is a smaller office than my husband or I have ever had, and it is much more like those small spaces in hotels where they put a desktop computer and printer, etc. for their guests to step into and use briefly. Of course ours is much more personalized with books and family pictures, as well as two of my favorite wallcoverings, one is a trellis pattern and the other a colorful grasscloth.

I was going to designate an area of our guest bedroom for a desk and have my husband (who has always traveled with his job and works out of the home) work in this room. I did end up putting a desk in there, it serves as a nightstand but is more for the company we have and a “drop” for them where they can use their own laptop or plug in their phone at night. This room only really gets used when we have company, which is often, and I like to keep it that way.

My husband and I have been sharing this business center and it really has not been a problem. I am out of the condo often meeting with clients and contractors. Andy, when he is in town, does work out of the business center but when he is on conference calls he seems to “float” around the condo, from one comfy chair to another, room to room, carrying his laptop along the way. It seems to prove, once again, that less is more, this small business center is all we really need, even during this time of inconvenience when we are both here all day we tend to take turns using this space. One thing is for sure we could not have lived without it, thanks goodness we designed it into our space!