New Year, New Services: Home Project Monitoring Now Offered

Now that I have been in Naples for over 6 months, I have recognized a need that I am hoping to fulfill.

Since I’ve started gutting and working on my own condo, it has been my topic of conversation in many social situations. Many say “oh my gosh, good luck with that, I hope you finish when they say you will.”

I don’t know if I just got lucky or I’d like to think I know what I’m doing, even in this tough market place for home buyers who are wishing to build or remodel, but my job is going super smoothly! I would like to help others who are either in the middle of their project and aren’t where they would like to be or are starting a project and have no idea whom to hire.

I’ve heard horror stories! One story that stands out to me is when someone was up North while their condo was being remodeled and the contractor they hired told them it was complete. They promptly paid them in full and when they headed down to spend the winter in FL they found out it was nowhere near completion! What a mess!

This is where I come in for your home construction project: I can help with initial planning and design execution, then, long-term monitoring of the project until completion of the project.

People leave Florida during the off-season, and remain in Naples full time. I can check in on your project, see how it is coming along. This includes being physically present on the job site, sending you regular progress reports, sending pictures and video, identifying critical issues that may put projects at risk. Don’t become another betrayed client with little to no recourse!

You can rest easier knowing that you have “eyes and ears” on your construction project with someone who has a clear vision of your needs and who possesses decades of experience in effective planning and critical problem-solving within the field. Think of it as the wedding planner equivalent for your home construction projects!