Holiday Decorating by the Sea

Traditional Goes Coastal

I have taken a hiatus from Christmas decorations the last few years, including this year, so I have been thinking a bit about what I am going to do next year once we’re in the new condo. Wanting a fresh start, I sold most of my Christmas decor in my estate sale, though kept keepsakes like platters and dishware that had personal value. Decorating for the holidays in Naples will be a different experience than up north! But that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the spirit of the season, combining traditional elements with the coastal feel of our new home.

I am one who still likes a live Christmas tree. I love the smell and the process of picking out my tree every year. Every year’s tree will be different—tall, fat, short, skinny. Whatever I’m Christmas Wreath Capiz Shellsfeeling like that year, I can go for. My grandma had a silver Christmas tree that I loved. She had one of those plug-in lights with the different colors that would shine on it as it turned to reveal green, red and yellow. It was very retro, and she had these very delicate hand-blown glass ornaments that hung on the tree. I am not feeling a red/ green color scheme for my new coastal condo. Maybe blue. Or maybe incorporate shells and local touches, like with this wreath. It’s a fun design challenge to figure out how best to build in touches that tie in the local culture without going overboard.


Adapting Christmas Style in a Smaller Space

I always enjoyed decorating my mantel every year, hanging the stockings, and placing a large wreath above the fireplace. But I won’t have either a mantel or fireplace at my condo. So here’s where I will have fun getting creative. You can do a lot with table settings and I always love to make my table look pretty for the holidays. ‘Tis the season to break out my china and crystal and some pretty napkin rings. You can make quite a memorable statement doing a large centerpiece with fresh flowers. I have always felt a little bit of holiday decor goes a long Venetian Village Christmas Treeway. With all of these design strategies, my ‘less is more’ philosophy applies.

In a small space, a live tree decorated simply with white lights and white, silver, and gold ornaments would set an elegant tone. Maybe some wreaths hanging from the windows with white or blue ribbons. My table nicely decorated for Christmas dinner and a few of my treasured holiday platters and plates that I didn’t give away. That’s all you need! This year will be very low-key since we’re in transition. But I can already see how it will come together next year.

In the meantime, we’re having fun exploring this festive season in Naples! Have you seen the beautiful Christmas tree at the nearby Village on Venetian Bay? There are so many ways to celebrate the holidays here!