Giving Thanks

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am, I have two healthy, happy, employed and grown children. A very supportive husband and a job that I love. I get caught up in the mundane day-to-day tasks and what needs to get done instead of stopping to count my blessings.

A thank you note goes a long way. This past week, a friend sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a pumpkin and I also received a thank you note from a client.

My client is thanking me for giving her dining room the finishing touches the room needed in order for her to show off and use it for the upcoming holidays. These gestures cannot go unnoticed!

I feel very blessed to be able to practice what I love and have clients that are grateful for what I do. I am going to try and remember how blessed

I am this upcoming holiday season and truly appreciate the time that I spend with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!