Feeling Inspired

July 2020 | Naples, FL


Lately, I’ve been feeling inspired by my surroundings here in Naples. I’ve always loved the color white – at one point in my life I had a white house, a white car and even a white dog. I didn’t even realize it until someone pointed it out! For me, color came from playing with my front door for a pop of brightness or planting fun flowers in the spring.


With all of the white homes here in Naples, it’s easy to see why I love the style. I often find myself admiring the different ways people choose to “treat” their homes while I’m driving, walking or riding my bike. One of my favorites is the home below. I love the use of green and palm tree impressed shutters that match the awnings and umbrellas paired with those coral light fixtures that add such a punch to the home’s exterior. Another element I love is their front symmetry and those stairs that get larger leading out to the front yard, paired with a screen porch placed perfectly center on the front of the house. Right down to the Mini Cooper in the driveway… I simply love everything about this home – definitely inspiring!


Chic shutters and coral light fixtures make this a classic Floridian oasis.



Two other homes I love are also here locally in Naples. I love black and white striped awnings as they give a certain regality to a home without it being stuffy. One of these is in my neighborhood and I pass it every time I ride my bike. One of my favorite features is the way they used black, giving it a true finished feeling.


Incorporating black awnings gave this home regality without the stuffiness.



The other home I love is on my route to Old Naples off Gulf Shore Boulevard. It features the same black and white striped awnings but on a completely different styled home. This home feels like it’s been in Naples forever (maybe it has), and has a European flair. The black wrought iron fence and the way they landscaped the yard really makes this house stand out to me. Aside from the beauty of its exterior, this house is located right on the Gulf of Mexico, so that doesn’t hurt either. It makes me imagine a wedding reception or quite the party being held in that backyard. You can definitely tell someone is taking care of this property with tender loving care.


A European twist on the classic Naples home.



As I study my favorites and look at all the details, right down to the rods used on awnings, it inspires me for the details of my own projects. I hope to incorporate my findings into designs for my clients. I’m constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest!


Until next month, stay safe…




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