Empty Nesting

There is no manual on how to move your kids stuff out of your home after college. While my twins were in college it was easier. Although, I thought about what I was going to do with their rooms after they “flew the coop” for good, I knew during the college years they would be visiting home on a regular basis. I dreamed of a future with just my husband and I, but they were frequently here so I did nothing. They just came home to their usual rooms. 

Twin’s Manhattan apartment coming together thanks to IKEA

Now, as luck would have it, they are living and working together in Manhattan. I spent most of July moving them into their own apartment (of course it couldn’t be at the same time). We started with a blank slate and made purchases locally. IKEA is ideal for this type of move. I had some boxes shipped from home, we made several trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and Target store. Voilà! They had an instant apartment!

Now for the not so easy part: what do I do with all of their stuff they left back at home?

I would love to downsize to a much smaller home. We currently live in a 4,500 square foot home and would like to go as small as 1,500, but the STUFF!(bold) I have hired two professionals: one is a closet consultant and the other is an organizer that has literally assisted me with every room. Together, we opened every door and drawer and got rid of anything I no longer had a use for. I couldn’t have done it without the help of these ladies! We donated what we could, threw out everything that could not be salvaged, and I’m ready for a big sale. Now, I can think about moving or at the very least it has made the space we have now more efficient and simplified. As Mies van de Rohe famous quote goes, “less is definitely more”!