Designing a Flip vs. a Forever Home

August 2020 | Naples, FL


Often, when I begin working with a client they will tell me “this is going to be our forever home”. For others, they make the decision to put their home immediately back on the market after a remodel, otherwise known as a “flip”. Of course, if it’s going to be a home they plan to live in forever then the selections will be different than if it is a home they plan on flipping. With that being said, I feel there is always somewhere in between that is best, whether you really do plan on living there forever or if you plan on putting the home back on the market.


home flipping naples florida
An original kitchen design, prior to updating.



interior design naples florida
Almost unrecognizable, this kitchen is ready to be a forever home or a flip!


In either case, you don’t want to go buying the best of the best and have a home dripping in gold… but you also don’t want to go to Home Depot for all of your selections! You have to plan on compromising no matter how you look at it. There is always something that will work that is not going to break the bank nor break.

In addition to designing your dream home (or dream remodel), my goal is to prevent you from making a mistake. So.. if you are going to plan on living in this home forever (I find people saying this, including myself, and then ultimately deciding to sell down the road) it is going to be absolutely justifiable to do that quartzite countertop that you absolutely love and have to have. I always support having pieces you can’t live without! But it’s also about making the best choice for that particular situation.

A common forever vs. flip decision includes choosing light fixtures. While they can be pricey, a beautiful light fixture will bring style and sophistication that can make a room if you plan to live there forever, or could be a key selling feature if you choose to flip. The same goes with smaller items like plumbing or home accessories. So what’s my advice? Go “out of the box” on things that are easy to change, like paint color! Paint can make such a difference – even just painting a room white will make it feel fresh. If you know me, you know I also have a few favorites for bolder color choices, and those favorites are constantly evolving too. Paint is an easy fix on a home that you may be getting ready to sell, paired with bringing color and texture in on accessories and pillows that can make a big difference.

Cabinetry is another one of those selections that are all over the place in style and price point. I often even feel as though I’m buying a diamond when it comes to cabinets… you can easily compare the 4 C’s of color, clarity, cut and carat with a cabinet choice! This is another situation where I would discourage someone from buying the top quality cabinets for a “flip” but at the same time I wouldn’t recommend going to your local big box store and getting them there either. The best way to find common ground on cabinets is refacing and painting the current cabinets installed! This is a great option for existing cabinets of good quality, or if you don’t plan on changing the footprint of your kitchen. Custom cabinetry is always an option for incredible quality, too.

Finally, flooring is a very important decision and if anything I encourage my clients to limit their number of flooring changes – don’t do tile in the kitchen, carpet in the family room and wood on the stairs. Too many different floorings will make your home look chopped up, so I usually suggest carrying one choice throughout your entire home. This ensures cohesiveness and once you make that choice you don’t have to think about it again – it’s going everywhere!


So what’s the conclusion of this post? Hire a designer! Like me 😉 to keep you from making pricey mistakes as well as making your home what you want it to be – whether it’s forever yours or someone else’s dream.

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