Creative Wall Covering

On one of several trips to the International Interior Design Market in High Point, North Carolina, I visited the Lexington Furniture showroom. I always seem to come away with inspirational ideas for the interior, bathroom designs, bedroom designs, room decor ideas and just overall home design ideas.

On this tour, I mentally noted the way Winnie had “treated” the walls of her dressing area off of their master bedroom. She had saved years of magazine copies of the New Yorker and creatively pasted them on her walls to create a “wallpaper” out of the front covers. I thought it was ingenious and immediately thought of how can I duplicate this for one of my clients or in my own home. I, too, had saved years of copies of the Architectural Digest and didn’t really know what I was going to do with all of these magazines that I had accumulated.

Although, many home furnishing companies carry “celebrity” lines, Lexington Furniture had done a special home decor collection for Arnold Palmer whose wife Winnie was an interior design consultant. They actually duplicated the interior of their home inside one of Lexington Furniture’s warehouses. It was amazing! It was like taking a tour of the interior of their home, every room was designed down to the kitchen sink!


I eventually used over 200 copies on the walls of my bathroom (its amazing how many covers you need to wallpaper even a small room like a powder room). The result was just as expected and I loved it!

I would recommend anyone that has a favorite magazine to do the same. Of course, my husband had to get his token “golf” magazine in too. It’s hidden in one of the upper corners of the room.