Always believe in style and stay classic forever!

I have always chosen classic design over trendy.   But I do believe as a designer we all should follow trends, be aware of what is currently in and what is out.  I don’t always agree with what is written, but there is one thing I do agree with, and that is certain “trends” will never go out.

Here are the things I believe will always be in style and stay classic now and always.

White cabinets, maybe the “style” of the cabinet will tell the age, but the color white will always be in.

Feminine tones, I remember when I started working in the 80’s the pastel tones were huge, they still are but the colors are what come and go, this year I’m seeing a lot of lavender, beautifully feminine.

Oversized nightstands. Ok, is there another piece of furniture in your home that needs to be a “work horse”, we use our nightstands just about as much as our kitchen sink… well, maybe not our kitchen sink but this piece not only needs to be quality (how many times do you open and close those drawers) but also BIGGER is BETTER

Palm fabric and wall covering designs. Classic! and I’m so glad now that I live in Florida, it makes more sense, it is such a staple of many icon designers, like animal print, palm prints are here to stay.

Textured and natural upholstery. It’s always easiest to upholster the larger pieces of furniture in a solid and to keep from being too boring a texture is always nice, adds that little something. Timeless, you will grow tired of the piece before the fabric wears and then again maybe have it forever, just change the pillows.

All the above is currently IN, but as I said, in my mind all of the above is ALWAYS IN, you are safe with these choices now and always.