A Pop of Color in Naples, FL

June 2020 | Naples, FL

I have been working with a few clients but still find myself with some free time during this pandemic, which I’ve loved filling with exploring Naples! My most recent discoveries include a variety of Naples art galleries.


Shortly after relocating to Naples I met a woman whose family owns one of the oldest, if not the original, art gallery in town. Harmon-Meek Gallery carries one of my favorite artists, Hunt Slonem. He is mostly known for his artwork featuring bunnies but I’ve also come to learn of the origination of his work – the parrots he had has pets! He has quite the resume and I have already planned to see his studio in Brooklyn during my next visit to my daughter, who lives in Manhattan. I would love to meet him, too – he evidently is very superstitious and I think I would find him fascinating.


I also discovered Quidley & Company Gallery and had a nice chat with Adam. They have a great mixture of artists, so whether you are looking for pop art, traditional art, contemporary art or just something out of the ordinary they either have it or can find it for you.


Just a hop skip and jump down the way (on Broad Avenue) is another gallery, Gardner Colby. This particular art gallery really fits my style and Jessie, Pamela and Nancy couldn’t have been nicer! Everything they have I could see in my own home. Artists include, but are not limited to, Hutchinson, Girad, Corse, Rich, Park Alemian and Horn. A little more about these artists below…


Horn paints cottages with old cars next to them, which is something I could imagine Old Naples looking like in the 1950’s! Corse has a couple pieces in Gardner Colby Gallery of young children in the water playing. Hutchinson has a lovely piece of three young women in bathing suits with large floppy hats – very Naples. Park is very abstract with the most beautiful colors, so you could definitely start with one of his pieces in a home and be WOWED. I was also pleasantly surprised with their price point, as most of the pieces are anywhere from $4,000 – $9,000 for some very large pieces that would be the focal point of any room.


I also had the pleasure of meeting a couple of local artists. One is pretty much a celebrity in our town – Paul Arsenault. You can see one of his pieces included below! He has his own gallery and is very approachable. I also love the use of subject matter and color in his pieces, mostly places around Naples. The other is Amy Moglia Heuerman, or “Amy Art.” I observed Amy last year at Naples Beach and Tennis one Saturday morning where they had several local artists start in the morning with a blank canvas and quickly paint a piece of art. Amy’s was huge and quickly sold before the auction. She had the most beautiful and serene colors.. she was looking at and painting the ocean and it was beautiful.


Up The Haldeman Creek, Paul Arsenault


I understand that not everyone wants to go the “gallery” route, so I do sell a lot of artwork to my clients through websites that I recommend. One of my favorites is Soicher Marin (see a few of their pieces below). Also, many of my clients bring their own art as well and we will reframe and mat their art to fit the interior of their home. I really like working with Aldecor Custom Framing for framing and finishing existing pieces. Most galleries do it all and will deliver the art on a consignment basis to make sure you like the piece in the area you’re considering before helping with lighting and framing if need be. They’ll also help with commissioning an artist to do a piece that fits your space perfectly! We will all deliver and install, too.



Vogue Magazine Cover, “Beach Dog Woman”


“Electronics G”


No matter which way you go, art completes the home.


Let’s be social!


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